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ClearCase is a highly customizable software configuration management tool capable of being tailored to support your software development process. ClearCase UCM, Rational's out-of-the-box solution for process and policy control, can also be further customized to better support your software development organization.

A good, repeatable process is the foundation for a stable, productive software development environment. Implementing tools without a repeatable process is like automating chaos. It simply allows people to do productive (and unproductive) things more efficiently. Likewise, implementing ClearCase without a process, or without adequate process enforcement, will provide little benefit to an organization apart from artifact archival.

For those just getting started with ClearCase or ClearCase UCM, as with any venture, the first steps you take are the most important. For the more experienced ClearCase organization, make sure you're taking advantage of all that ClearCase and ClearCase UCM have to offer. Consider closing any gaps in your software development process.

By customizing ClearCase and/or ClearCase UCM to further enforce - or even automate - your procedures, processes and policies, you'll provide yourself with measurable productivity gains and greater peace of mind.