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balance Policy Enforcement, Process Control & Integrations

The process of planning a ClearCase or ClearCase UCM implementation should take into careful account your software development environment, your software development process and any process improvements that you would like to make in the future.

"Let the tool do the work" is a common quote in the skilled trades and with good reason. Tools are there to support your efforts and make your job easier. Is ClearCase doing all it could be for you? Is ClearCase UCM only providing you with a part of the solution you need?

Standardize naming conventions, branch-hierarchies, checkin, checkout and promotion policies, and then enforce those policies. Implement solutions that allow for enterprise-level policy management or allow a hierarchical policy approach.

Make sure your software development process is adhered to with regards to accessing, configuring and using ClearCase. Automate repeatable procedures and make ClearCase a well-integrated part of the process. Utilize ClearCase integrations with ClearQuest, IDEs and other development tools to close the loop on your development process and ease the "burden" of CM.

Stop wasting time undoing the same mistakes.

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