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access MultiSite & Other Remote Development Solutions

Need to support offsite/offshore development? Many companies have software development for a single project happening at different locations within the country or around the world. Some companies have chosen to moves parts of their software development offshore in an attempt to cut costs.

The challenges posed by concurrently developing software at multiple sites can be daunting. Ownership issues, mastership issues, merge conflicts, time differences, scheduling conflicts, and communication barriers can quickly and easily reduce any cost benefits achieved by moving development activities offshore.

Do you need a simple two-site implementation or a multi-location architecture with redundant synchronization? Hub and spoke or round-robin? Use replication as an offsite backup tool. Distribute and update ClearCase/MultiSite process and policy enforcement triggers, tools and scripts to remote sites automatically.

There is no doubt that in today's global environment, the ability to access and update information from a remote location is increasingly more important. Find out about the pros and cons of options like MultiSite, ClearCase Web, ClearCase Remote Client, CM Server and third-party solutions as well.

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